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How To Play - The Basics

Predict the outcome of matches in UEFA Euro 2016 and gain points based on the odds of each. Whoever accumulates the most points over the course of the tournament wins. You can stake one point in each match plus you have an additional ten ‘boost points’ which allows you to double up, or even treble up, your stake in some matches. But use them wisely because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The competition costs £20 to enter and all the entry fees are redistributed as prize money to the top four finishers. There are no administration fees.

You can input your prediction for each match upto one hour before kick off. Results are updated shortly after the completion of each match and the League Table updates automatically.

We have been running this competition for a number of years for friends (and friends of friends). Euro 2012 saw 26 players and World Cup 2014 had 46 players.

If you are keen to participate check out the more detailed instructions below and aim to get your entry form in as soon as possible.

How To Play - Step by Step Instructions

  • Pay your £20 entry fee
    This can be done by bank transfer to the following account:

    Smile Bank
    Account 10145612
    Sort-Code 08-92-86
    Reference: Your Name

    International players will also need the following details:
    IBAN GB65 CPBK 0892 8610 1456 12, BIC: CPBK GB 22
  • Ensure you have a valid Google account
    Most people already have one of these but if you don't you can get one for free here. The email address you associate with your google account will need to be the one you use when registering for this competition
  • Request entry to the competition
    Submit your entry form by clicking here. You will receive an acknowledgement that your entry has been received.
  • Await your link
    Within a few hours (but probably much sooner) You should receive a link which looks like this:
    Stacks Image 129145
    This is the link to the file that you will use to input all your predictions and view the League Table. A copy of the League Table will also be available on this site once the competition starts.

    Click on the link to access the file. You will need to be online. In order to access the file more easily you might want to download the Google Sheets App from your App store.
  • Enter your predictions
    Click on the link to open the file and look along the tabs across the bottom to find your name. This is your sheet and this is where you will enter your predictions. You can view other players' sheets but you cannot edit any sheet other than your own.
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  • Match information
    Each player sheet lists the 51 scheduled matches. The content is fairly self explanatory. You will need to be aware that all predictions for any match need to be submitted at least one hour before kick off. They can be locked off at any time after this and you will be left with whatever prediction you had input at that time. If you didn’t have any prediction you will be given the default ‘H’ for that match.

    The Home, Draw and Away Odds are provided by Skybet and, for the group matches, will be 'locked in' on the 5th June. You can view the current odds here. Once they are locked in they will not change, regardless of what happens in the actual tournament.

    Column G is where you will input your predicted outcome for each match.
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  • Predicting the outcome
    Stacks Image 129105
    If you think the nominated home team will will win then you input 'H'

    If you think the nominated away team will win then you input 'A'

    If you think the match will be a draw then you input 'D'.

    Extra time and penalties do not count.

    Note that you do not need to press 'Enter' when inputting your prediction just click outside the cell. Google automatically updates your changes.

    If you are correct you will receive the points indicated in the corresponding odds column PLUS your 1 point stake.

    So, in the example below I predicted France would beat Romania in the opening game and, if that were to be the actual outcome, I would receive 1.333 points (0.333 points (odds) + 1 point (stake). If that were not to be the actual outcome then I would receive zero points.
  • Boost Points
    Throughout the competition each player will have an additional 10 boost points at their disposal to allocate in up to 10 matches. The effect of the boost point is to multiply the points gained from a particular match by the number of points staked.

    A maximum of two additional boost points can be staked on any one match (making three points in total). Boost points can be staked by inputting 'HH', 'DD', 'AA' in the case of staking one boost point or 'HHH', 'DDD' or 'AAA' should you wish to stake two. Be aware that you may find that your entry sheet allows you to stake up to three points (1 + 2 boost points) in every match but once you have used up your boost points any included in your inputs thereafter will be ignored.

    Using the France example above, had I staked a boost point on the match, rather than receive 1.333 points I would have received 2.666 points (0.333 x 2 (odds) + 2 points (stake). By staking two boost points I would have received 3.999 points. Once a boost point has been staked it cannot be reused.

    Column F of The league table will show how many boost points you have left in the competition. Bear in mind that this is based on boost points used in matches played so far and takes no account of how you have allocated your boost points for future matches. The upcoming matches shown alongside the league table will show you and other players whether you have boost points being staked on the match.
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